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Why Are Termites Pests and Why Should They Be Treated as Soon as Possible?

Termites are highly destructive and thrive in places that are difficult for the average homeowner to access. While they can survive for a relatively long time without food, they rely heavily on moisture for their survival and are often found in places such as:

Termites are known to burrow deep into the ground and move into the inner structure of homes. If you wait too long to deal with a termite infestation, you run the risk of considerable property damage and the resulting high cost of repairing the destruction.

The longer you delay reaching out for termite control services, the more entrenched these devastating pests will become. The biggest concern, however, is that termites will eventually cause structural damage to your home, potentially rendering it unliveable.

How Does Blake’s Pest Control Services Assess and Identify Issues and Create Effective, Customised Solutions To Rid Termites for Good?

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Licensed termite control inspectors from Blake’s Pest Control will assess your home for termite damage by looking for visible signs of termite infestations. The three main signs of concern include discarded termite wings, mud tubes or tunnels, and visible wood damage and rot.

Other indicators of termite troubles may include visible bubbling of paint, soft wood, buckling floors, sloping ceilings, or unusually squeaky floors. All of these issues could result from termite damage and require an immediate pest control consultation.

Once we are in your home, we will identify the type of termites as a first step in creating a customised termite control plan to eradicate them. Depending on the type of termite present in your home, the location of the infestation, and the scope of the problem, the pest control solution may include the following methods:

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